2019 League Managers

2019 League Managers

Updated Friday May 3, 2019 by South Central Minor Baseball.

Carman Managers (2019)

11U (Mosquito)
Team Contact Position Phone Email
Carman Royals Jennifer Gates Manager 204-745-8503
Carman Astros Nicole Kehler Manager 204-291-9347
13U (Peewee)  
Team Contact Position Phone Email
Carman 13UAA

Jodie Cox

Kyla McCallum




Carman 13U A


Candace Sullivan Manager  204-479-9970

Carman 13U A


Leigh McIntosh Manager 204-751-2050


15U (Bantam)  
Team Contact Position Phone Email
Carman 15UAA Karen Park Manager 204-745-8575


18U (Midget)  
Team Contact Position Phone Email
Carman 18UA Karen Park Manager 204-745-8575


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Coach Information


  • All coaches must have their Respect in Sport and supply their R.I.S. number to the registrar. If the coach has their Respect in Sport from another sport, it is valid for baseball as well once the coach has logged back in to their ID and adds baseball/softball to their profile.
  • Go to https://sportmanitoba.respectgroupinc.com/secure/
  • Register or access your Respect in Sport certificate from this logon.
  • Level 1 Initiation should be taken by head coaches and will be reimbursed by Minor Ball. This is a requirement for any team going to provincials.
  • Coaches will be encouraged to continue coaching skill development. Further training will be reimbursed on request where it specifically applies to needs of the team at their level, e.g. pitching. Any courses that relate to higher level skills than are required for league play (i.e. AAA coaching, regional or national coaching levels) will be strictly at the individual’s expense.
  • Novice and first-year coaches will be mentored by a senior parent coach on the team.
  • Coaches may ask or seek help and direction from the board for mentoring assistance at any time.

Code of Conduct / Expectations

  1. Coaches will remember that the players need a coach that they can respect. They will be generous with praise and set a good example.
  2. Coaches will not use coarse language on the field or in the hearing of the players. Umpires have the authority to eject a coach from the field on those grounds.
  3. Coaches will follow the Respect in Sport guidelines and the League / Baseball Manitoba / Manitoba Softball rules and regulations. Coaches should review these guides and rules prior to the season.
  4. Using the Respect In Sport guide, coaches will not ridicule, yell, or humiliate players for making mistakes or performing poorly. They will encourage players to have fun and have confidence in themselves.
  5. Coaches will follow all Minor Ball policies and procedures.
  6. All communication about practices times, games, tournaments, team logistics and discussions where players are of minor age must be directed to parents.
  7. Scheduling games and practices will be reasonable with the understanding that players have other interests and obligations. Parents determine their children’s availability and the player will not be disciplined or suffer any repercussions for attendance as a result of parental determinations and authority.
  8. All participants will get equal instruction, support, and playing time during the season. This many not occur in a single game, but MUST be seen to be fairly allocated over the entire season.
  9. Coaches will teach their players to participate fairly and to respect the rules, officials, and opponents.
  10. Coaches should ask and expect parental help when required. At least one parent will be a coach or assistant on the team.
  11. Coaches will obtain the proper training and take opportunities for continued improvement in coaching skills where offered online or recommended courses.
  12. Coaches are part of a coaching / parent team. If they cannot attend a practice or game, they are expected to make all effort to have another assistant replace them for that instance. Only as a last resort, when there is no other option, should a coach cancel or ask for a game or practice to be rescheduled based on their personal time commitments.



  • At the beginning and end of the season, the Equipment Coordinator will contact all coaches to arrange for the distribution and return of the baseball bags.
  • Coaches are to contact the Equipment Coordinator for any equipment needs such as the pitching machines or any other equipment that is available for occasional use.
  • Coaches are responsible for the care of their team’s equipment. If any equipment is damaged or lost, the coach must contact the Equipment Coordinator ASAP to replace.
  • Organizing practices:
  • Coaches should expect to conduct 2 practices / week before the league season begins. Once league games start, the coach will determine when and if practices are scheduled. They will contact the team manager to book facilities.

Border League (girls):

  • Coaches are expected to attend the Border League meeting that organizes the playing season. The Girls Representative will contact the coach as to the meeting date, time and place. If the coach cannot attend, a team representative must go. The coach will receive their Softball Manitoba package and participate in their division discussion about scheduling games and any special rules or considerations to take into account.